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We all have a unique perspective and voice, this is mine... 

A few of my favourite things...



I have spent many years traveling the world - I enjoy everything about travelling, especially when I can do it spontaneously and without a solid plan - solo travel is also high up there for me! I've loved many parts of our beautiful world, but Chiang Mai has always been my home away from home. Some travel highlights have been hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara in Kenya, zip lining in the Dominican Republic, eating my way through Spain and Italy, visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and meditating in the ancient library at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I have lived in Dubai and Singapore and am now living in my hometown of Perth in Australia. 


I'm all about connections with people; my family who I have always been extremely close to, my soul friends and my like-minded companions. Anything to do with people, deep, honest communications and just being able to share a space or experience with people in my life excites me and makes me feel alive. I am a prolific communicator and love nothing more than good banter, a passionate and fast text message conversation or a long juicy email from a loved one. Deep soulful connections with people are where it's at for me. Some may use the term 'over-sharer', I'm cool with that. 



Something I've felt an inherent closeness and connection to since I was a child, and an absolute necessity in my life. I've always loved the ocean and have spent many, many hours of my life sitting on a beach somewhere in the world. I have always found stillness and inner peace by spending time in nature and being outdoors - it's one of the greatest and simplest pleasures in life for me. I have carried this love for nature through to my career as a qualified practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine. 


This one is straight forward. I grew up with a Spanish grandmother who happens to be a fabulous cook. As a child, I spent endless hours sitting on her kitchen bench beside her as she cooked. They are some of my most cherished memories and I'm grateful that it instilled within me a deep love and respect for food. I love to cook, eat and entertain...preferably with a nice glass of red! My morning coffee is one of my most beloved life rituals, and for this I am certainly lucky to call Australia home. If we know anything, it's a good coffee. 



This is a significant aspect within my life and something that I try to practice as close to daily as possible. I practice Mahat Meditation, which has been brought to humanity by my incredible mum, Melaney. She is also the founder of ITA Energy Medicine which is the other modality I am qualified in and practice. Meditation has allowed me to experience life in a way that I didn't know was even possible. Since taking on a serious approach to my practice seven years ago, I can honestly say I can't imagine my life without it!

I work along side my mum as we co-run the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness. My most cherished role within my job is the organisation and coordination of international events and retreats. While it is all incredible and life changing work, the highlight for me is always our annual Mahat Meditation retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where Mahats from across the globe come together to meditate and enjoy the space of holidaying with like minded people in a beautiful location. These retreats have been the most fulfilling thing in my career to date. Being in that sacred space with so many kindred spirits is nothing but pure soul food for me!  

I also love writing, gardening, music, astrology and photography.  

I hope you can take something from the words shared on this site. My perspective is of course unique to me, as yours is to you. I'm not making any bold claims, I just have a lot to say and I do so in the hope that it will assist even a small number of people on their life journey. Life is such a gift and we cannot ignore the call to action when we hear it.

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