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ITA Energy Medicine


What is ITA?

Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) is a comprehensive system of energy medicine which has been developed and brought to humanity by my mother, Melaney Ryan (pictured here). 

ITA is the culmination of her life to date, and builds on our family lineage, her own unique skills and gifts, and from working with thousands of clients over the 30+ years she has been practising in a clinical setting. 

ITA incorporates energetic alignments and self-development techniques to improve physical and psychological well-being leading to self-awareness and self-healing. 

Only in recent years have I come to realise just how unique it is to have grown up with such an awareness of energy. For many years I truly believed that this way of life was the only way. It wasn't until I was in my mid twenties that I fully stepped into owning my role within this heritage.

Growing up with ITA

Growing up in a family of energy aware individuals has played a huge part in shaping who I am today.

My family lineage extends to the Canary Islands, with my great, great grandmother being an extraordinarily gifted and well renowned energy worker there. The knowledge of energy and how our energy systems function has been passed down from her to my great grandmother, to my maternal grandmother, to my mother and onto me.

I don't feel as though this makes us different or gifted in any way; this information is available to everyone. I have been extremely lucky to have grown up with this as my normal and to have had the understanding of energy nurtured in me from a very young age. 


How does ITA work?

ITA is a systematic approach that works with aligning the energy systems of the body to achieve long lasting positive change, growth and self-development. By identifying the root cause of an imbalance and locating and balancing the areas where it is stored, ITA is able to achieve sustained results.

ITA is highly effective in transforming all aspects of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and works as a complement to all existing methods of health care.

The ITA practitioner uses chi to run sequenced patterns of energy, including using acupressure points on the physical body (these can be applied energetically during a remote session) and using etheric movements beyond the physical body. This sends triggered messages to the subconscious mind (long term memory), resulting in the balance and alignment of the energy systems and allowing the subconscious to let go of outdated belief patterns.

ITA aims to assist with

  • Gaining clarity in life

  • Regaining control of health and well-being

  • Moving beyond chronic or reoccurring physical and mental health issues

  • Observing life from the perspective of the positive rather than the negative

  • Seeing and moving through life's tests and challenges as an opportunity for growth rather than a burden

  • Conscious co-creation and manifestation

  • Creating body, mind and spirit balance

Emotional and spiritual benefits of ITA include

  • Balancing limiting core beliefs and conditioning patterns

  • Awakening creativity

  • Releasing grief and trauma

  • Finding clarity and purpose in life

  • Releasing fear

  • Awakening the connection to our higher self

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Remote ITA

These sessions will complement any form of health care you are currently undergoing. ITA can be performed remotely (at a distance) and is just as effective as a face-to-face treatment.

I naturally gravitate to working remotely with ITA Energy Medicine because of the level of connection, clarity and accuracy I experience when working this way.

There is something very special about her abilities, I've never experienced this kind of accuracy before.
'Jenna has this amazing ability to pinpoint your core issues in a session. I have had amazing changes since my first alignment with Jenna, only a few months ago. I am in a new job that is perfect for me at this point in time, I am exercising and loving myself again, I am motivated about my future and my thoughts are aligning with my true self.
I find Jenna's home-care and advice nurturing, grounding and motivating. There is something very special about her abilities, I've never experienced this kind of accuracy before. I can't rate Jenna highly enough, she has assisted in aligning me with my true life purpose in a clear and grounding way. Can't wait to see where I will be in a few more months!' - C.G.

A few things for you to know

I will work on you distantly and do your remote alignment while in a meditative state

All remote alignments include feedback and/or home-care via email

The cost is AUD $140 per session

The cost of a five session package is AUD $600 (save $100)

The cost is AUD $110 per session for children

The cost of a five session package for children is $500 (save $50)

The cost is AUD $110 per session for animals

The cost of a five session package for animals is $500 (save $50)

All payments are to be made via EFT or PayPal.

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Full practicing member of the ITAEM Association

Book now via the contact form below - once I receive your booking, I will be in touch to schedule your remote ITA alignment and organise payment.

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